Friday, November 18, 2011

blueberry soap

blueberry soap log 2

I wanted to experiment with using natural ingredients to see if there was enough scent without adding any frangrance. answer for this trial is no.

blueberry soap stack

I added blueberry tea (from Teavanna which is the most awesome tea in the world) to my latest batch and was surprised to find that there is little to no scent of blueberry, but the tea leaves and other berries truly make a lovely bar of soap.

blueberry soap closeup

So, the conclusion is that now we have a bar that smells like plain soap, but has great exfoliation power. We'll see if as it cures more coloring and smell develop.

blueberry soap closeup 2

I think it's quite pretty! And...don't you just love that round shape?

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Unknown said...


I just randomly found your blog while doing a google search for blueberry soap. I want to give blueberry soap as favors for a wedding shower. Are you selling your soap? Please feel free to contact me