Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The prince...

Well, this is me at Grandpa's while my parents were gone! Notice the rug is all bunched up and I'm attacking my long lost lamb (long story on that).


I get the royal treatment. I get to hang out all day outside if I want in the air conditioned garage in the chair with my blanket!


Remember, I can go in and out all day and play in my pool whenever. Spoiled? Not me!

And...this is how I liked to sleep while at my Grandparents' house...


Do you see my head propped up on the edge of the fireplace? Crazy, I know! I am on the chair outside on the porch...lounging around! I know I shouldn't be up here...


I'm so proud of myself! Look at me!


While there last week, I got the opportunity to do lots of things including dig! I'm not looking for anything in particular....just stuff to eat.


But...the best part is what I did yesterday while my B.B. wasn't looking! She was on the phone and not watching me, so I went upstairs and was running around in circles. She said I was laughing at her! I thought she wouldn't catch me...but, when she did I had already found the skein of yarn and was slobbering all over it! Yum!


I played dumb when B.B. found me!


I guess this is why I'm still in the crate when they go out huh? I'm not to be trusted fully yet...I know! I'm still a baby!

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