Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Evidence

Last Thursday after the great rain shower we got, it was cool enough to take Charlie with us to the Battlefield for our ride! The weather was so nice and Charlie enjoyed getting out with us!

I met up with Missy on Sunday for a spin around Poco!

Poco Ride August 5, 2012 (8)

It was a humid morning, but otherwise lovely!

Poco Ride August 5, 2012 (6)

We did some fireroads as well as the green trail!

Ride August 2012 (1)

At the end of the ride, Missy asked to check out the snakes at the bridge! So, we headed that way!

Poco Ride August 5, 2012

We looked very closely at the rocks, but saw no snakes. There was a lot of debris blocking the pipe and the water flow. Maybe they had to change locations!

We spotted evidence though! A snake skin on a rock. Can you see it?

Poco Ride August 5, 2012 (4)

Ick!!! I knew they weren't far with this evidence!

We decided to head back up a grueling hill! While climbing, Dynamo passed us and we were talking and not paying attention. Missy informed me that we both ran over a snake in the middle of the path! Yikes!! I didn't even see him! We dropped our bikes and tried to go back to find him, but he must have gotten out of dodge!

Luckily we haven't seen many creatures this year, but Dynamo did run over one on Saturday during his ride. He said it snuck up on him! Yikes!! And, then he had to coax a black snake off the trail Sunday too! They must be out and about. I don't really want to see them!

Our ride was nice. Again, we enjoyed chatting! I hope you all had a great weekend!

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