Monday, December 19, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - hike a bike

December 17 Ride_0007

I was really looking forward to getting back on the bike after missing our ride the previous Saturday due to a little stomach bug. I didn't feel 100%, so we were going to take it easy and do the green and blue trails at Poco to see how I felt after each.

December 17 Ride_0010

When we arrived the temperature was in the mid thirties. The high for the day yesterday was 40 something, so we were pretty much not expecting too much warmer weather.

We bundled up and got going. I felt like the stay puff marshmallow man in all my winter gear. I had my lobster gloves on as well as three layers up top, my headband, my smartwool snowboarding socks, base layer socks, and of course my toasti-toes! So, I was ready for cold weather.

December 17 Ride_0004

They say you should start out a little cold since you will quickly warm up. Warm up I did...until, we had to stop after about 6 miles into the ride for a flat tire on MUTT. Dynamo attempted to inflate my tires up enough for me to ride a little, but each time the air just went right out. The tire had been punctured somehow and the Stan's liquid goo inside (remember I have no tubes) had dried up and wouldn't seal the hole.

December 17 Ride_0002

So, Dynamo pulled out the spare tube to attempt to get me rolling again, but the tube had a small leak in it so it wasn't usable. MBM offered up his 26 inch tube, but the valve stem wouldn't fit...

December 17 Ride_0005

The only thing to do was hike out! Since Dynamo is faster at everything than me, I rode his bike and he ran with my bike the last 2 miles back to the truck.

December 17 Ride_0011

I thought that I was way ahead of Dynamo on the trail. Next thing I know he's right behind me. He's pretty fast! We might still be walking if I was hoofing it out with my bike.

December 17 Ride_0013

Some days just aren't meant to be. But, it was still a nice day outside at the Park. There weren't many people there. It was super quiet.

December 17 Ride_0014

It was cold, but with the proper gear we were fine. Too bad it was a little slow going at the end! There's always next time!

December 17 Ride_0015

Dynamo is always there to save the day! We're a good team!


Charleston Hokie said...

That Dynamo is a keeper!!! :)

Jim Rosen said...

Bummer. Two weeks in a row. You have a good ride due to you soon.