Thursday, September 12, 2013

Take me downtown...

We took the day off on Monday to just relax and spend time together! So, we decided to take a trip to Downtown Richmond and explore the trails there!


Charlie was still a little worn out from the day before, but once we said "park" he was ready to ride!


It's quite a maze down by the river. You sort of have to know which general direction to head! We parked at the Reedy Creek lot and headed towards Belle Isle!


There are rock formations everywhere you look. Beautiful rock wall built obviously many years ago for one reason or another.


Old buildings and structures are here and there as you venture in and out and around the rocks!

The bridges all around are amazing...


This bridge was a little rickety to me. But...they drive ambulances and firetrucks across! It's very old looking...


There's even a wall for rock climbing (at your own risk) around the quarry.



Then, we rounded the corner and there was the water access for Charlie! He had been waiting patiently to go in! Every little path to the water he tried to go down!



And, across the way was Hollywood Cemetary. Can you see the tiny cross in the picture?

Charlie Downtown Richmond Sept 9, 2013 (193)

On our way back we took the Buttermilk Trail. Popular for runners and bikers, this was a very lush green trail running along the tracks and Riverside Drive!

Charlie Downtown Richmond Sept 9, 2013 (212)

It was very rocky in spots! I don't think we passed one runner or biker! I think it was because it was a Monday!


Charlie Downtown Richmond Sept 9, 2013 (217)

When we got back near the parking lot I snapped a pic of the tunnels! I asked Dynamo why the one is a different shape. I had seen it several times before and never thought about why it might be more rectangular instead of round. Anyone know?

Charlie Downtown Richmond Sept 9, 2013 (221)

And, the signs were unique I thought...

Charlie Downtown Richmond Sept 9, 2013 (223)

We loaded up and headed home! Charlie was beat! So was I! What a lovely day together!

Charlie Downtown Richmond Sept 9, 2013 (222)

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