Friday, November 15, 2013

Some photography practice with Mario and Elise...

I was so honored that our friends Mario and Elise called and asked me to snap some pics of them! They are expecting in February and I was so thrilled that they trusted me enough to get some shots of them! I did make no promises though!

Keep in mind that I'd been looking for some volunteers to practice my new-found skills on, so I couldn't believe I had some takers! We met up at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield and spent a couple of hours walking, talking, and snapping away! They were really good sports and were very patient! Here are some of my favorite shots from the day...

EliseMario11.3 (24)

EliseMario11.3 (29)

EliseMario11.3 (63)


The dogs were really good sports (When they weren't in the pics Dynamo had to manage all 3!)...

EliseMario11.3 (43)

They were so cute when she was showing him how to make the heart with his hands...

EliseMario11.3 (178)

EliseMario11.3 (185)

I had some old flash cards that we used! They aren't finding out the gender of the baby, so this was too perfect...

EliseMario11.3 (101)


It was so natural for them! Their love for one another is very apparent!

EliseMario11.3 (130)

EliseMario11.3 (120)

EliseMario11.3 (135)

EliseMario11.3 (140)

EliseMario11.3 (165)

And, Mario was such a good poser...

EliseMario11.3 (117)

You could tell she was glowing...

EliseMario11.3 (158)edit

We hiked a little ways to another part of the park where I knew we'd have another perfect location. And, this is my absolute favorite pose of Elise...

EliseMario11.3 (198)zoomedit

Just love that little baby bump...


I wanted them to relax a little and have some fun so I gave them some bubble gum!

EliseMario11.3 (233)edit

And, ta da! They really took the job of bubble blowing seriously! It was too cute!


And, then I had to have some fun with Elise, so I did this!


We finished up the day with a few more of my favorites!





They did a great job pretending Dynamo, Charlie, me, and their dogs weren't staring at them!



Thanks so much to you both, Mario and Elise, for letting me "practice" on you both especially at such a very special time in your lives! We are excited to share in this moment with you!


I hope you love your pictures!


Charleston Hokie said...

Rachel!!! Beautiful pictures! wish you lived closer-you could be our family photographer! XOXO

Rachel L. said...

Great job Rachel!!! Those are fantastic!!! Love the whole family pics with the dogs!