Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tree Hunting

We loaded up! Yes, We!

Tree hunting 2013

And headed to Zuni Tree and Alpaca Farm! I had never gone and cut down my own tree! So, Dynamo said we were going to have the experience!

Tree hunting 2013

We walked and looked...

Tree2013 (2)

And looked some more...

Tree2013 (23)

Tree2013 (21)

Charlie thought it was fun to play!

Tree2013 (32)

We even saw this cool bird's nest made with pine needles and plastic bags!

Tree2013 (25)

There they give you a nice cart and a saw!

Tree2013 (3)

We examined them all closely and narrowed down our selections!

Tree2013 (9)

And examined some more...

Tree2013 (11)

Tree2013 (14)

Yup...that's the one!

Tree hunting 2013

Charlie agreed with the decision!

Tree hunting 2013

Ta da!

Tree hunting 2013

Tree2013 (57)

Tree2013 (52)

Now...time to cut!

Tree2013 (34)

Charlie wanted to help!

Tree2013 (41)

I can only imagine what he was thinking!

Tree2013 (46)

And, off we went to checkout!

Tree2013 (65)

Tree2013 (71)

Tree2013 (73)

Everyone was so friendly and happy! It is such a lovely time of year!

Tree2013 (76)

They stuck it in the needle shaker offer thing!

Tree2013 (79)

Then they wrapped it up tight with netting!

Tree2013 (84)

Tree2013 (88)

And, into the 4 Runner it went! All 10 ft!

Tree hunting 2013

We stopped at mom and dad's on the way back for some brunswick stew and grilled cheese!

Tree hunting 2013

Then headed home to trim, give a fresh cut, and get all set up!

Tree2013 (93)

Tree2013 (98)

Christmas Tree 2013 (20)

Ta Da!

Christmas Tree 2013 (25)

Such a lovely sparkling tree!

Tree hunting 2013

That we picked out ourselves!

Tree hunting 2013

And decorated special!

Tree hunting 2013

With pinecones from our adventures!

Tree hunting 2013

What a lovely day together! I enjoyed our time together so much! And we ended up with the most beautiful tree ever! To go with our lighted house that Dynamo worked so hard to light up!

Tree hunting 2013

We are ready for Santa! Are you?

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