Thursday, July 3, 2014

Market Re-cap

Every Friday morning the flowers are cut super early while it's still cool! Then, they are brought inside to rest until we assemble them into bouquets!

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

These gorgeous bouquets are ready for you early Saturday morning at the Market!

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

We always recommend that you take them straight home, give them a fresh snip, and nice clean water! Make sure to give them fresh water every couple of days to keep them going strong!

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

It's been so lovely to be at the Market these past few weeks. New vendors, new shoppers, and happy faces!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (16)

Our new space at the market is down at the end by the railroad tracks! We're near the Brunswick stew couple and the honey man!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (13)

Last week was full of love and excitement for Charlie especially! He got to love on lots of new friends!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (3)

Like Elliott!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (78)

He got belly rubs...

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

And shared moochies...

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (71)

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (60)

And, he's made a new best friend with his bulldog buddy, Ace!

Ace and Charlie14

Ace is such a loving dog! He's only 10 months old and 90 lbs. He's a sweetie! Charlie sure does look forward to his friends visiting each week!

Ace and Charlie14

And, guess what? The Petersburg Animal Control/Shelter will be down at the market each week with adoptable animals! You might just find your next fur-child!!! They are always looking for donations in the form of food, blankets, etc. so please consider donating if you are able!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (67)

We hope to see your smiling faces at the market this Saturday from 7 till noon! Thanks for your continued support!!

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