Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On being thankful...

You all know how much I love church signs and quotes! They inspire and make you think. Oftentimes I think God is sending a message directly to me with them. And the other day I happened upon an Instagram account for Madison Avenue Baptist Church. They actually liked one of my posts with a church sign! Well, each week they post their church sign for the week. There were several that really stopped me in my tracks, but this one spoke to me today and I thought I'd share it!

Thanks to God Sign

Life can be so busy and hectic that we sometimes only think to ask God to help, fix, make better, etc. But, how many times do we actually go back and thank Him for helping, fixing, making things better, etc.?!?!? Maybe this was just a little hint to start circling back around more and thanking Him for answered and unanswered prayers!

Have you been thankful today? Be grateful! I'm so blessed in so many ways.

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