Monday, October 20, 2014

This is the Day!

This past weekend could easily be described by the song "This is the Day (that the Lord hath made)". It really was glorious to be outside in the fresh air!

Poco Hike 10.18 (1)

Charlie could barely stand the wait from the time we mentioned the word, "park," at the house!

Poco Hike 10.18 (6)

There was no holding him back once we got there! First, we hiked the Beaver Lake Trail at Poco. This goes around the lake and is about the distance of a 5k.

Poco Hike 10.18 (2)

The trees were starting to lose their leaves and change color!

Poco Hike 10.18 (5)

And, Charlie wanted to just get going! No time to stop and take pictures, mom!

Poco Hike 10.18 (12)

There are quite a few pretty bridges/walkways around the lake! The sun just glistens on the leaves.

Poco Hike 10.18 (21)

And, there are always others walking with their fur-children!! This was Paxton!

Poco Hike 10.18 (27)

This is Charlie's favorite spot in the park because he can get wet! And, you know how much that little man loves water!

Poco Hike 10.18 (34)

We even let him off-leash here to fully enjoy the experience!

Poco Hike 10.18 (46)

There's so much splashing and running to do at this spot!

Poco Hike 10.18 (59)

It comes almost in the middle of the hike, so it's the perfect spot to cool down!

Poco Hike 10.18 (67)

He says to us, "Do we have to move on now?"

Poco Hike 10.18 (74)

It really was glorious at the Park. People were all around hiking, biking, and enjoying the VA Hops and Harvest Festival.

Poco Hike 10.18 (81)

We finished up the Beaver Lake Trail and Charlie still wanted to venture around some more!

Poco Hike 10.18 (88)

We looked for the snake family at the bridge by the dam!

Poco Hike 10.18 (89)

Poco Hike 10.18 (93)

Then, we headed over to hike Forest Exploration Trail to see 'split rock.'

Poco Hike 10.18 (100)

There were kayakers enjoying the water!

Poco Hike 10.18 (105)

Then, we finally made it there!

Poco Hike 10.18 (110)

What a blessing to have our health to be able to enjoy these wonderful places on earth! We wrapped up with about 8 miles and Charlie was still ready to go more! Not me! Time for a break!

Poco Hike 10.18 (86)

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