Monday, December 1, 2014

A tree hunting we will go!

Saturday was a special day! It was Dynamo's birthday and tree hunting day! So, we loaded up the car and headed to Fox Hill Tree Farm in Roseland, Virginia, to get our Christmas Tree!

Tree 2014

We arrived and quickly got to searching!

TreeHunting2014 (28)

We have been looking for a concolor fir since last year and we knew there was one here waiting for us! We just knew it!

TreeHunting2014 (3)

The scenery was beautiful! There were four small fields to choose trees from!

TreeHunting2014 (10)

TreeHunting2014 (22)

There was even snow on top of the mountain in the distance...

TreeHunting2014 (41)

We walked around all four fields to find just the right tree...

TreeHunting2014 (56)

TreeHunting2014 (65)

It was a little chilly, but that made it feel more like Christmas!

TreeHunting2014 (47)

TreeHunting2014 (24)

TreeHunting2014 (39)

Charlie was just excited to be in a new place!

TreeHunting2014 (14)

He rolled and rolled...

TreeHunting2014 (35)

The cars looked like they were straight out of the movies with their trees strapped on top!

TreeHunting2014 (49)

And, after looking at all of our options, we made our decision...

TreeHunting2014 (31)

And Dynamo started work...

Tree 2014

Charlie was his helper...

TreeHunting2014 (76)

TreeHunting2014 (78)

Ta da!

Tree 2014

TreeHunting2014 (81)

We loaded her up inside and off we went! Next stop was the Greenwood Grocery in Crozet for sandwiches!

Tree 2014

Delicious fresh sandwiches and lots of local craft beers and other goodies!

Tree 2014

It was a lovely day together celebrating Dynamo's birthday! I'm so grateful that we can share these special memories together. We are so blessed!

The tree is up and in the process of being decorated!

Tree 2014

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