Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love for a lifetime...

Love sign

On this Valentine's Day I wanted to share this church sign. It has spoken to me at a time when I needed so much love. Oftentimes we think that we are always the ones in the relationship that need the love and support. I would often say to Dynamo, "I feel bad that I need you way more than you need me." But, love isn't about keeping score. And, sometimes you may be giving love in ways that you don't realize, but it was somehow just what your spouse or friend needed at the time. Sometimes in our lives we are the ones that need the love and sometimes we are the ones being the rock. It doesn't matter how many times you need something, God doesn't want us to keep score. Give of yourself completely and wholly to the ones you love and care about. Don't expect anything in return. Don't expect a thank you or keep track. God wants us to be loving, kind, compassionate, faithful, and giving of ourselves always. Love is truly enough. Do everything with a happy loving heart. ALWAYS!

I'm so thankful for my wonderful, devoted, kind, gentle, and strong husband. This is our 10th Valentine's Day together. There's no one on earth I'd rather grow old and wrinkly with than him. Hold onto those you love with all your might. Protect them, care for them, and show them you love them. Enjoy each and every moment together. I love you forever and always, Dynamo!

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