Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New addition to my craft room

Here he is...

This is my latest addition to my craft room. I've been on a mission to find an antique piece of furniture with lots of drawers with slots inside those drawers. Well, I happened upon this four drawer desktop cabinet. It's not as big as I had hoped, but will still serve a wonderful purpose! I was so excited!

Here's a look at the layout inside one of the drawers...

If you create then you know how many tiny pieces of this and that you have with not many places to save them for future. Well, this is part of my solution. It's already gotten a good home on top of my work table and is getting filled up quickly!

If you have any storage solutions you'd like to share leave me a comment. Little pieces of paper tend to be very difficult to contain. As a card maker, I hate to get rid of anything that has the slightest bit of potential. But, what do I do with all of that paper? eek!!

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