Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monday ride report

Dynamo and I had off on Monday after a weekend full of wedding festivities so that he could get his long training ride in (7 hours), and I could get some things caught up around the house.

He began his ride first thing on Monday morning, and I joined him as he was finishing up his last leg. I rode with him for about 15 miles of his journey.
The forest was so lush and green...very noticable from the last time we were there the week before. It's so amazing to be able to see the changes in the forest weekly. Since we ride year round we notice a lot of those changes that otherwise wouldn't be seen.
MUTT and I got to spend more time together. Yes, we have decided to name my new Spot MUTT. He's a mutt because he is a cross between a Rocker and Longboard. Now, I'd like to come up with a word for each of the four letters of the word so that it's an acronym. Got any ideas?
He's a really good climber. I've been so pleased with him. It was a great purchase. Spot really is feeling neglected!

I do think I'm going to have to shorten his stem though. I'd like to bring my handlebars in just slightly towards me. This will help with pulling up and going over obstacles. Remember that getting the bike to fit just right is all about little tweaks here and there.
Well, the forest wasn't the only thing lively on Monday. So were the snakes. Dynamo saw two on his own (1 black snake and 1 brown/red one) and then we saw one (black) when we were together. And, they were FAST let me tell you! Normally they are a little slow, but April and May are frisky months (if you know what I mean).
I guess when you're out there for 63 miles (Go Dynamo!) you should expect to see more than the normal amount of critters. After all, it is their environment. They were a little shocked to encounter people on a Monday during the day! I'm sure they were thinking that us bikers should be working :)
And, Dynamo finally got my lenses to stop fogging up! I'm a hot head and can't always use glasses because they fog up like crazy. We bought some anti-fog stuff and it worked great! Finally, no more mud and dust and rocks in my eyes! Best $4 ever spent!

So, until next week! Hopefully we can get in another ride over the weekend and I'll have more to report next Monday on the mountain biking topic! Stay cool and watch out for the critters!