Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday Road Ride

Battlefield Ride April 2011
On Saturday we decided to go for a little road ride at the Petersburg National Battlefield. It was National Park Week so the fees were waived. This we didn't know until we pulled up to the entrance and the lady waved us on. What a nice surprise!
Battlefield Ride April 2011
The morning air was chilly, but of course I quickly warmed up.
Battlefield Ride April 2011
I took out the Soma Smoothie cross bike for a spin. Dynamo rode Kermit. I was so excited to get to ride Smoothie since he had only ever been ridden inside on the trainer. We did well together. I like him much better than the Jamis cross bike we had. The reason is because the Smoothie has flat bars instead of "horns." Yes, that's my technical term for drop bars!

The Park road is so nice. Not many cars and a really big lane for bikers, runners, and walkers! It's a safe place to road ride. The speed limit is slow and it's one way for cars.
Battlefield Ride April 2011
We saw quite a few horseback riders!
Battlefield Ride April 2011
Lots of road and hills.

And, if you got so ambitious you could stop and read all of the signs about the history. I'd really like to do that sometime.
Battlefield Ride April 2011
It's really nice to have this park closeby. Even though it's not a long road (a little over 3 miles out/6 ish miles out and back) it is still good for training.

We did about 18 miles. Dynamo said I was getting soft on him. Only 18 he said?! I guess I better step it up huh?!

The park has other off road trails that we checked out before, but we were road focused on this ride. We'll be back to check out the other trails another day.

Anyways...it was a lovely ride. We went and ate lunch at Demolition Coffee in Petersburg afterwards, which is a favorite of mine.

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Charleston Hokie said...

What a great day! I do miss how pretty and hilly VA is. Our "hill" in Chucktown is a bridge! :)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!