Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Gearing up!

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (2)

I met up with my friend, Missy, for a ride on Sunday morning! We are getting ready to do the Tour of Richmond 59 mile ride in October, so we are kicking our training into higher gear!

We started out by doing the 6 mile loop on what we call the "horse side" of the park. Not 2 miles into the ride we encountered this...

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (1)

Yes, he blended in very well. So well, in fact, that I didn't see him until Missy had ridden almost by him when I yelled "snake"!!!! She rode right past his head and stopped on the other side. So, now we were on opposite sides. What to do next? Of course I took his picture! Then, I decided to put the bike between he and I and slowly go past him on his tail end. He turned his head and watched me, but never moved his position. He was determined to stay put! This was the first time I've ever encountered a copperhead on the trail! Yikes!!!!

After we gathered ourselves we continued on our ride! No more excitement thank goodness!

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (7)

After we completed the 6 miles on the horse side we headed over to the Fendley Station loop! Sometimes the Fendley Station Loop feels neverending!

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (9)

The water was really still at the dam.

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (17)

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (19)

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (21)

It was a little hot, but bearable! Each week we will increase our mileage in anticipation of the 59 mile ride in October!

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (24)

Here's Missy after we just climbed a pretty brutal hill!

Poco Ride September 2, 2012 (27)

Hope you had a nice weekend and got to enjoy the fresh air!

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Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

You are so brave--that would have been the end of my riding that day! :)