Monday, February 25, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - A Monster Ride

Monster Cross 2013_0002

Yesterday Dynamo geared up for the half Monster Cross Race at Poco!

Monster Cross 2013_0001

A little chilly first thing, but things warmed up and it really turned out to be a lovely day! The parking area was packed with over 500 riders and their fan clubs!

Monster Cross 2013_0005

The race started in waves.

Monster Cross 2013_0013

They flew up the hill at the start!

Monster Cross 2013_0015

And, here comes Dynamo...

Monster Cross 2013_0017

Here he is at the start!

Monster Cross 2013_0020

(Do you see him?)

Monster Cross 2013_0021

Go Dynamo go!!

Monster Cross 2013_0022

Monster Cross 2013_0023

Our friends Jim and Missy came to cheer him on! Here's Jim at the start ready to cheer!

Monster Cross 2013_0008

After the start we hopped in the car and headed to the front of the park for some pics! We watched and waited for Dynamo to come around the corner.

Monster Cross 2013_0205

While we waited I just started snapping pics of everyone! We saw some people we knew!

Monster Cross 2013_0295

Some riders were good sports like this guy waving!

Monster Cross 2013_0119

Or this guy making a silly face...

Monster Cross 2013_0049

Here's a closeup...

Monster Cross 2013_0051

Or this guy with the blowup dummy on his back!

Monster Cross 2013_0306

We got to see Dynamo twice at the front, mile 12 ish...

Monster Cross 2013_0303

Monster Cross 2013_0304

Monster Cross 2013_0305

And mile 18 ish. While we waited we took a group shot!

Monster Cross 2013_0329

Here he comes!

Monster Cross 2013_0333

Monster Cross 2013_0334

Monster Cross 2013_0335

He looked good and was making good time!

Monster Cross 2013_0336


Monster Cross 2013_0337

We were yelling and cheering for him!

Monster Cross 2013_0338

He was so fast that we missed him crossing the finish line! When we got there he was chatting with a friend!

Monster Cross 2013_0342

Here's Jim checking in...

Monster Cross 2013_0343

My parents came to cheer him on too!

Monster Cross 2013_0347

Missy was giving Charlie some love!

Monster Cross 2013_0351

Group shot!

Monster Cross 2013_0354

Great finish! I was so proud of him! He works so hard and he's such a star!!

Monster Cross 2013_0349

Charlie enjoyed his first race! He was proud of his Dad! 22.5 miles done! Results to be posted today!

Thanks so much to Jim, Missy, Mom, and Dad for coming out to cheer Dynamo on! All the riders appreciated the encouragement, especially Dynamo!


Jim Rosen said...

Great photos! That was a fun day!

Jim Rosen said...

Just looking at this again. Worth reiterating how great your photos are and how nice a recap this is.