Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - Saddle Time

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (33)

Well, it had been a couple of weeks since I had hit the trails.

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (39)

So, Saturday Dynamo and I headed out for a quick spin on the blue and green trails at Poco.

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (28)

It was quite chilly, but really nice to get back in the saddle...litterally!

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (26)

I had been testing saddles for a while thanks to Carytown Bike's test saddle program and finally decided on the one for me. It is the Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow. (2nd pic shows the saddle). We ordered it and since it came in on Friday I had to get a ride in and try it out!

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (17)

It was perfect. Finally, I had taken the time to measure my sit bones and ordered a saddle based on my measurements. Let me tell you, this is a must for comfort! I'd recommend it to anyone struggling with finding the right saddle.

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (15)

The trails were well traveled and it was nice to be back. For months we'd been hitting the fire roads because Dynamo was training for the Monster Cross race. It's good to diversify your routes as each type of riding provides different benefits.

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (13)

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (12)

We had a nice time together and I'm looking forward to more riding especially since warm weather is ahead. It is the year of the snake too might I add. Yikes!

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (10)

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (9)

We rode a little over 8 miles of singletrack. I love our riding time together.

Poco Ride Mar 3, 2013 (29)

And, on Sunday we hit the fire roads with Elise and Marioooochee! We had a great time together chatting and riding. We did about 11.5 miles! Unfortunately, we were so busy chatting that we only snapped one pic! Sorry!

Biking Poco Mar 3, 2013 (2)

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