Friday, March 29, 2013

Officially a big boy now!

charlie vet 1 year

That's right, I'm officially a big boy! I went last week for my 1 year checkup at Crater Road Vet Hospital, and Dr. Kinney (whom we all love) said I was fantastic!

charlie dr.kinney 1 year

Then again, we all knew that right?! Just kidding! Dr. Kinney is awesome!

Before she came in, I just hung out and relaxed! I always make myself at home no matter where I am!

charlie vet 1 year on table 2

They were really busy as always! My mom and Dad are super excited to have found such a wonderful place for my primary care! All of the ladies in there are fabulous and they really do love me!

charlie vet 1 year on table

Mom and Dad just couldn't believe how fast I've grown up! 19.5 pounds! Just right! Thanks to the walks with Grandpa and fetch with Dad every night!

I love my life and my parents so much. I'm always playing, smiling, and having fun! Here's to lots more healthy checkups!

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