Monday, April 1, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - The park is alive!


On Saturday afternoon we headed to Poco for an afternoon spin!


Being that it was the holiday weekend, there were lots of campers and people using the park. It was a lovely day! We took full advantage!


We broke out the shorts and enjoyed the warmer weather just exploring our park.


We rode the fireroads since the Cap 2 Cap ride is coming up and we wanted to get in some consistent spinning. We started out on the Monster Route and modified it for some new scenery. But, while down at the dam, we saw some horseback riders!


Four horses and their humans were crossing the deep and rushing waters at the dam like it was no problem! The bottom is a little rocky, but you wouldn't know that by how easy it was for them to cross!


That last guy was trying to be funny and was holding his camera up taking a picture of me taking a picture of him! What a pretty sight to see those beautiful creatures!


It sure was a glorious day! We just explored and chatted! We ventured down towards the campgrounds where there were lots of families sitting around chatting and enjoying their time together. Everyone is so friendly! Then, we explored a newer path from the campgrounds just to try something different.


There were a couple of big hills, but it is good training. I have to keep telling myself that right?


We ended the ride feeling great. It's always good to get out on a beautiful day and enjoy the fresh air and the park. Our Easter ride was lovely! We're looking forward to more warm weather and lots more riding. It was nice to see the park so alive with people and activity. Although, it is nice to have it all to ourselves in the winter months!

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