Friday, April 26, 2013

Touring the Industrial Park

April 2013 006

We loaded up the little man and headed over to the Industrial Park in Prince George to get in a few miles with my mom's co-workers. There is a small group that get together each week to get a little biking in, so we decided to join them for a spin.


Dynamo rode ahead with my mom's boss, so I stayed at the back with Charlie.


It certainly wasn't as easy as it looks! Note Dynamo ahead with no hands! Dynamo makes it look easy when he pulls Charlie, but it's about 35 extra pounds to "carry" and it does make for a little extra training weight. I felt it most on the hills, especially on the one that one of the ladies calls "Goya Mountain"!


After about 14 miles the others packed up and headed out, but we stayed to ride a little further. In the evening there's not much traffic at the park and the speed limit is low, so it feels pretty safe. People seem to be used to seeing bikers.


In the above picture in the distance is the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing! You might want to read up on this place and all the cool things happening!


And, above is a picture of Rolls-Royce. Cool place!


Lots of activity going on in PG County! Land being cleared and lots of action. Hopefully that means more jobs. Right here in our backyard we've got all this excitement. Who would've thought!

We wrapped it up with over 22 miles. I really could feel the difference when I got off the bike after pulling Charlie that far! The little chariot doesn't look that bad, but it's a good workout! I think I'll still let Dynamo pull him most of the time!

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