Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun times at Dorey Dog Park!


Another meetup for me on Saturday!


Mom and Dad took me to "playdate" last Saturday! I knew I remembered that word, but it wasn't until we pulled up that I could barely contain myself!


The others were crazy over the stick, especially the red Boston named Penny!


I mean, look that those two discussing the stick! So serious!


And, here's that chick, Penny, with Miles! He's part BT you know!

She really can get some air can't she! The flying BT! It's like she's a circus dog huh?


I had to share my dad with the others! They really did like him. Well, I don't blame them. He's pretty awesome!


Some like to roughhouse a little! Silly dogs!


Me...I was focused on the water. The only thing was that the pool had a crack in it so the water didn't stay for long! Oh, well...I know my parents were happy I was staying fairly clean!


I am convinced that BTs are more interested in humans than their species! We just flock to humans for attention. It really doesn't matter which human...any of them are fine!


Case in point above!


Here I am on the prowl...looking for trouble! Really...who wants to chase me now?


I kinda had a thing for the boy on mom's lap! His name was Hoss! He was a lover! I liked him so I pestered him a bit!


Come on...let's play?!?


And, I loved the end when I got to drink from the special doggy fountain! WOW! I wish I had one of these at home!


It was a fun time. I could have played a lot longer. Until next time!


When we headed to the car I spotted these things. I was trying my best to get over there to chase them! They looked funny!

It was a great time! I love meetup days! Dorey Dog Park is so awesome!

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