Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - Mixing it up...

I know I'm a little late reporting in on our weekend ride. I do apologize.

Yes, we rode over the weekend. We took our twin bikes out for a nice spin on Sunday at the Battlefield.

jrc pics 224

The weather was perfect on Sunday. So...after we woke up from our busy Saturday we played frisbee with Charlie and then loaded up the bikes and headed over to the Battlefield for a Sunday spin! We mixed it up a little this time though!

jrc pics 225

We did a little packed trail, some of the park tour road, and also headed into downtown Petersburg for a little "real" road riding, cars included!

jrc pics 236

The old homes in Petersburg are beautiful and riding by them gives you a chance to really catch things you wouldn't normally while riding in your car!

jrc pics 238

jrc pics 240

The traffic was pretty steady at certain points, but at least the speed limits were lower where we were riding.

jrc pics 239

I have always been fascinated with this "leftover" bridge. It's like they just stopped in the middle...

jrc pics 244

Back on the park tour road we enjoyed the green trees and grass. It's amazing how it can go from brown to green almost overnight it seems...

jrc pics 253

We had a lovely time just wandering around and exploring.

jrc pics 263

It was a good steady ride with consistent pedaling. Good for the legs to get road time in!

jrc pics 272

jrc pics 273

Looking forward to more good rides as we get ready for the Cap2Cap ride in May!

jrc pics 270

Hope you have a great day!

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Sonja said...

My next purchase will own a mountain bike, so I can find out, riding my Tuscany!