Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Flying Squirrels


Last night we met up with our friends for a baseball game in Richmond. The Flying Squirrels were playing Bowie. I hadn't been to the Diamond in years...back when it was the Richmond Braves and I was a lot younger. I sure did miss the Indian statue when we got to the entrance of the stadium. The blow up squirrel was there though!

Here's a self pic of us with Nutty in the back!


We had a great time cheering, watching the silly contests, eating bad-for-you food, and doing the wave and the YMCA!

Here's a pic Dynamo took of all of us in our seats!


I am happy to report that our Squirrels won! And, the prizes in the Cracker Jack's are no longer exciting!


I think we'd definitely go back to cheer them on again! It was a really fun time!

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