Monday, June 24, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - The Cranky Monkey

Dynamo and Mariooochee participated in the Cranky Monkey 12 hour race at Quantico Marine Corps Base on Saturday! They were team "Dynamo and the Penguin". How creative huh? They went up Friday night and got their tent all set up. Our friends, Clay and Brett, were on another team! And, our other friends, Dave and John were on another!

Here they are at the start all together!

cranky monkey group pic 2013

Bright and early on Saturday they began their 12 hour long team competition. The plan was to do alternating laps with Dynamo starting! You have until 7 p.m. to start your final lap (12 hour race = 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.). The goal is to complete as many laps as you can. This was a single track mountain bike race. The loops were a little over 9 miles each.

When Charlie and I arrived, Dynamo had completed his third lap and was waiting his turn to ride again!

Cranky Monkey 12 hour 2013

The good part about the two-man team is that while one is riding the other is resting! So, Charlie and his dad rested!

Cranky Monkey 2013 024

But, not for long as it was time to ride again. The switch-off...

Cranky Monkey 2013 004

Marioochee out and Dynamo in...

Cranky Monkey 2013 006

There's a smile...

Cranky Monkey 2013 007

And, here he comes at the end of his lap...

Cranky Monkey 2013 009

Cranky Monkey 2013 010

Mountain biking isn't the best spectator sport. You either get a glimpse at the beginning or at the end. Sometimes there are spots along the way to see, but not much!

Cranky Monkey 2013 011

I got to catch him at the end of the lap coming into the transition area.

Cranky Monkey 2013 016

It was a pretty warm day on Saturday...

Cranky Monkey 2013 019

Back at the tent, we visited with Rachel and Clay...

Cranky Monkey 2013 023

And, Charlie visited with Abigail...

Cranky Monkey 2013 025

When it was time, we headed to the finish to wait for Marioochee...

Cranky Monkey 2013 033

Cranky Monkey 2013 036

Then, a team pic...

Cranky Monkey 2013 039

Then, we waited for Brett...

Cranky Monkey 2013 041

Cranky Monkey 2013 044

And, their team shot (can you tell they are brothers?)...

Cranky Monkey 2013 049

And, then an after shot of the guys...

Cranky Monkey 2013 050

It was a fun time with friends! I'm always so proud of my Dynamo (and all the guys) for how hard they work. Even if they don't always win, they work so hard and give it all they've got. It is pretty darn hard to go out and ride like that. Great ride, hun! And, congrats to all the guys for a job well done! You are all winners!

Cranky Monkey 12 hour 2013

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