Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rappahannock River Fun

FORD 2014 (71)

The race on Saturday was on the beautiful Rappahannock River. It looked similar to the James River with the rocks and rapids. After the race we walked down to the "beach" area to let Charlie play in the water!

FORD 2014 (81)

You know how much the little man loves the water, so we had to make time for playing!

FORD 2014 (88)

Dynamo splashed and Charlie tried to catch the splashes!

FORD 2014 (98)

Look at that focus...

FORD 2014 (110)

He's got it!

FORD 2014 (113)

FORD 2014 (126)

This dog loves the water...

FORD 2014 (130)

Check out these moves...

FORD 2014 (132)

FORD 2014 (133)

FORD 2014 (134)

He just makes us laugh!

FORD 2014 (136)

And, we even stopped to read some of the plaques...

FORD 2014 (140)

FORD 2014 (14)

It was a beautiful day to be outside together!

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