Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Racing the FORD

FORD 2014 (4)

We arrived Saturday morning in Fredericksburg for the FORD - Fredericksburg Off-Road Duathlon! Dynamo has competed in this run, bike, run race a few times! It's a great event with competitors of all skill levels! Dynamo raced the advanced course!

FORD 2014 (5)

Dynamo got setup in the transition area and then they were off! See him in his orange shirt!!

FORD 2014 (26)

FORD 2014 (28)

We all wait near the transition area for each and every return! Charlie gets lots of love from other dogs and kids while we wait! Then, we see our Dynamo coming in the distance!

FORD 2014 (43)

He's coming in to grab his bike and head out for the approximately 10 mile bike portion...

FORD 2014 (44)

And, he's off on the bike...

FORD 2014 (46)

FORD 2014 (48)

We wait a little while and then he's back from the bike!

FORD 2014 (55)

FORD 2014 (58)

FORD 2014 (59)

Now, it's one last run before the finish. And, here they come...

FORD 2014 (65)

FORD 2014 (67)

FORD 2014 (68)

I was so proud of Dynamo! I always am. He works so hard and is so dedicated! He ended up placing 4th in his age group!!! It's so inspiring to everyone out there working so hard! I love being a part of these events, even if it's just to cheer!!

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