Friday, June 20, 2014

4th of July Maternity Photography Shoot

Since I took my beginner photography class with Jennifer Warthan I've been on a mission to learn more and practice more. With that means I need subjects to photograph! Dynamo and Charlie have reached their picture taking tolerance level and appreciate when I find new people to practice on.

So, when Rachel and Clay asked me to take their maternity pictures I was beyond thrilled! Of course my disclaimer is that I make no promises, but that I will do my best! Rachel said that she knew they would be "heart pics" which I thought was super sweet!

We arrived one Saturday morning to two festively dressed friends!

RCFavPics6 (5)

Since Baby Lyons is due around the 4th of July it seemed only appropriate that red, white, and blue be the theme!

RCFavPics6 (8)

First, we snapped some pictures with their sweet dog, Bear, at their home! This is my absolute favorite!

RCFavPics6 (7)

Rachel was just glowing! You could really feel the excitement!

RCFavPics6 (13)

It's such a special time to be a part of and witness! There is so much love between them!

RCFavPics6 (16)

Clay had a great idea to head over to the Carillon and we snapped some great pics!! It had some beautiful architecture!

This little sweater was Clay's when he was a little guy! So, we had to incorporate it into the shoot! It's adorable! The lion for the Lyonses!

RCFavPics6 (29)

The red on the building went well with festive theme!

RCFavPics6 (22)

I love this one of Rachel glancing at the flag!

RCFavPics6 (24)

It was just a glorious day!

RCFavPics6 (28)

I just loved how the poses just came so naturally for them and fit their personality perfectly!

RCFavPics6 (33)

They are so sweet and were such good sports! I can't wait for Baby "Lion" to arrive!

RCFavPics6 (34)

RCFavPics6 (39)


RCFavPics6 (52)

And, you can't be in Richmond without taking pics at a monument!

RCFavPics6 (55)

RCFavPics6 (57)

We took advantage of the beautiful brick wall nearby...

RCFavPics6 (59)

I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be with our dear friends and help them document such a grand occasion. Thank you to both of you, Rachel and Clay, for asking Jeff, Charlie, and I to spend the morning with you! We love you!

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Pink Chihuahua said...

Beautiful photos - great job! I've seen well-paid professional photographers not do as well.