Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my Momma's birthday! Happy Birthday!

Dynamo and Dad say I'm just like my mom! I look like her (Dad still swears I look more like him), act like her, have her attitude (according to Dad), etc. Well, she is a pretty awesome woman! She has so many qualities that I admire! She's giving, loving, VERY forgiving, dedicated, hard working, and on and on. I am grateful that I always had the mom that everyone wanted. As a kid my friends never wanted to go home. They loved my mom. They thought she was "cool." She chaperoned all of the school field trips. I always knew I had a special mom. She put me first always!

I probably wasn't the most grateful kid at times. Who is right? Well, I remember my mom always telling me that if I thought life would be better at one of my friends' houses then I should just go live over there. In reality my house was the one that all the kids wanted to hang out at. And, now that I'm older I know it wasn't because I was a good friend or had the pool in the backyard or the basketball net (well, maybe it was just a little because of that). It was because when they were at my house my mom fed them and cared for them. Our house was the "safe" place in the world. There was love! There was attention! There was a mom and a dad. So many kids don't have that "safe" place. I'm so glad that my mom (and dad) gave my friends and I that safe place to be.

I LOVE YOU, Momma (yes, I know I spell this wrong, but that's how I want to spell it)! Have a great day! Thanks for being my mom!

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