Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My first dress

Yes, I made this dress. It's my first dress ever! I made a skirt a while back, but didn't really like it. I struggled with the elastic and sizing, but this one was super easy. The pattern is for the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler. It can be a tunic, cami, mini dress, or dress. Multiple patterns in one. I'm working on a tunic now. I'll report in later on that!

Back in December I decided that I wanted to learn to sew. I had attempted and succeeded in making myself a clown costume for Halloween. It wasn't perfect and I didn't win the contest. No biggie! I'm not bitter at all...really, I'm not!

Some of my friends and I talked about taking a beginner sewing class. My one friend said to me, "Can you read?" I said "Yes." She said, "Well, then you can sew." At first I was a little shocked. For sure it couldn't be just that easy. Well, it was. Just...FOLLOW...the...directions. She was right. Thanks, Leslie! You motivated me to get started. Do NOT fear the sewing machine!!!!

I think I started with an excellent "teacher" because I chose the Amy Butler patterns. The first pattern I picked up was an Amy Butler pattern for Stash and Dash bags. My mom couldn't believe that the patterns today were so easy to understand. The techniques are well explained too! There are definitions and lots of pictures. Now, dealing with the sewing machine was more of an issue than making my first bag. I even had to call in Dynamo for assistance in reading the manual. Don't get me started. Sears needs to take some lessons from Amy Butler on their manuals.

I went on from there to make the Birdie Sling by Amy Butler, an elephant by Melly & Me, Henrietta Turtle by Heather Bailey, the Smarty Girl Book Bag by Heather Bailey, two mini quilts (my design), and a few more things! I have found things I like and dislike about each designer's patterns. Some are definitely easier to understand than others. Amy Butler is my favorite. And...I just LOVE her fabrics! My dress is made from her fabric too! It just feels good and the colors are so rich. The designs are so fun and modern!

I hope if you're thinking about sewing you'll give it a try. It is addicting. I am so fortunate to have two sewing machines. My small machine is set up for sewing small projects and cards. My big machine was a gift from my mother-in-law. She shipped it all the way from Florida to me. When we were down visiting in February she offered it to me. She said she no longer used it. I was so excited. It was so generous of her to offer. It's so special because it was her machine. Both of my machines are Kenmore. They are great! My little one was a gift from my mom a few years ago when I first thought I'd give sewing a try. It's robin egg blue. My little mini can do the job of any big macho machine out there.

Have a great Wednesday and do something creative today!


Kristi said...

Well, when Gloria complimented you on the dress yesterday, you didn't tell us you made it!

M Rosen said...

Awesome! great job on the dress. I think making clothes is challenging. I have never given it a try, but my attempts to take in a garment or just hem something are far and few between for a reason-- I'm not that great at it!