Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - We meet the nicest people!

Well, sorry I'm a little late with this post. We biked last Thursday and as we were finishing up our ride and started packing we started chatting with the guy next to us. You know me...I'll talk to anyone! So, we found out his name was Jerry and he has only been biking for 6 months. We visited for a while and then more bikers started to arrive. There was a night ride scheduled for 8 p.m. that evening, so there were quite a few other riders arriving. Everyone was so friendly and talkative. We decided that maybe one night we'd check out the night ride. Dynamo has gone before and says it's fun. So, I might get my big girl panties on and try it!

Yesterday, Dynamo and I met up after work at the park and decided to ride green and blue since we were short on time! For those of you that don't know, Pocohontas Park is about 1.5 hours from my job, so it's quite a hike to get there, but since the daylight hours are longer in the summer it's possible for us to get in a ride! Yesterday, I hit a traffic jam, so I was a little later than normal making it to meet up with Dynamo!

Also, keep in mind that Panera closes at 9, which is my ultimate goal. I love our ride nights because that means I don't have to cook and we get to go out! I enjoy our time together on the trail and then a chance to eat dinner with my hun! Our ride nights are the highlight of the week for me!

So, as we were starting to ride a guy came up behind us. We offered to let him pass, but he said he'd just hang back and see how we rode. Then, all of a sudden he asked "Is that you, Rachel? Jeff?" I said, "Hey, Jerry!" It was the guy from the week before! So, he decided to ride with us. We rode and chatted just enjoying the conversation. Biking is fun, but it's more fun with friends! It's not always about breaking speed records, but learning, sharing, and making new friends!

Jerry talked about how many nice people he's met since he started biking and we echoed that sentiment. It is quite amazing how many kind people there are out on the trails. He said that he noticed that since it can be hard to learn (very grueling on the body and mind at times) that the people out on the trail are ones that really want to be there. I agreed that from my experience it was super frustrating and not too fun in the beginning, but I was determined to learn and get better.

As we completed the blue trail we stopped for a quick break and met two other riders, Nick and Wayne (I think). They were just getting back to riding after about 10 years off! So, we heard about their mishaps and struggles, and then offered for them to ride the green trail with us. So, now instead of a ride with just Dynamo and myself, we had Jerry, Wayne, and Nick. It was a lot of fun to have a big crew!

So, every once in a while it's nice to have company! It kept me from complaining too much too! Just know that we really enjoyed the chance to meet new friends! If anyone reading wants to ride with us just send me a message! I don't ride super fast, but I'm steady!

Have a great Wednesday!

P.S. Sorry we don't have pictures! We'll do better next time!

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