Friday, August 5, 2011

Our baby turned 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

lexi patio

We can't believe it! The steed turned 10 on Sunday! Time really flies! Look at all her gray hairs! Dynamo and I have been together since she was 2.75 years old! She got 3 bones, 6 marshmallows (from Grandpa), and a bath for her birthday! Yes, she loves a bath! She starts hovering around the shower while we're in it and that's our signal she's ready for her bath! So, in the utility tub she went, and out she came all sparkly clean!

This dog has been our child, our referee, and our solid companion through all of our moves and life changes. Our life has been so blessed because of her. She has brought us much more joy and companionship than we ever deserve. She may be a little slower now coming to greet us at the door. She may not play fetch for as long or even at all. She may not play tug with Dynamo. But...she's still our girl! If only people could be as loving, forgiving, kind, and trusting as dogs are maybe the world would be a better place. We all could take a few lessons from our furry friends about how to treat one another!


Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

Happy Birthday to Lexi-girl! May she have many more.

Charleston Hokie said...

Happy birthday lexi!! love love love your collar!!

jackie said...

I sure wish we lived closer. I love all your flowers and I would be your best customer!

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