Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day weekend fun!

Over the holiday weekend we visited my parents' house.

Lexi got to go to "the farm" and she had a big time! She got to eat watermelon (her favorite)!

Labor Day 2011_0054

Labor Day 2011_0049

Surprisingly, she didn't attack the watermelon when we put it on the ground. She was being quite prissy and wanted us to cut her a piece. She didn't want to get her nose all sticky, I guess. So, Dynamo had to show her how to eat it! No, he's not eating the melon, just acting!

Labor Day 2011_0043

Labor Day 2011_0042

She didn't respond too well to the demonstration, but she tried...

Labor Day 2011_0046

Labor Day 2011_0037

Dynamo finally cut her a piece and held it for her! What a spoiled dog!

Labor Day 2011_0039

Look at this face! It's the face of satisfaction!

Labor Day 2011_0055

And, mom and dad were busy cleaning out the garage and dad's collection of M&M men got a cleaning! Yes, M&M men! Lots of them. Over the years Dad has collected them. Hey! Eveyone has to have something they enjoy! Momma will NOT allow them in the house, so Daddy keeps them in the garage on shelves. The garage is Daddy's domain! So, Momma allows him to do whatever he wants (for the most part). Mom has instructed everyone to STOP purchasing them. So, oftentimes to be funny we get one to add to the collection! All you men know that women take over most everything, so you have to have one small place in the world that is yours. Well, that's the garage! At least he has one area of the garage. Mom has managed to take over some of it with her stuff just like I have in our garage.
I thought this was a hilarious picture! We were shocked to drive up and see M&M men all over the yard "drying." They got a bath with the water hose! You would have thought they were a part of a game of lawn bowling or something!

Labor Day 2011_0051

Hope your weekend went well!

Labor Day 2011_0014

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Charleston Hokie said...

Love this post. Your pup is hysterical....not sure what is more funny. Dynamo showing a dog how to eat watermelon or the look of satisfaction on Lexi's face that she got what she wanted!!!!