Thursday, September 29, 2011


I couldn't wait to share with you the latest soap creation.

Applejack Soap2

Yummy! I'm calling it applejack! The whole house smells like apples!

Applejack Soap3

And, what do you think of the round bars? I really love them! Dynamo made me this awesome round mold for my soap. The bars come out the same size as the squares (in ounces that is), but I like the variety of having both shapes. I figured that some people might like the feel of a round bar versus a square bar. It is personal preference.

Dynamo is so clever! He even assisted me with the pouring of this soap into the mold. It definitely takes two people. And, I think it turned out lovely. And, it's a great Fall scent. It's almost apple pickin' time!

Applejack Soap

I also just made some pet soap too! Once we cut that up I'll share pics with you! I can't wait to test it out on Lexi! She was going crazy over the smell yesterday. Maybe she knew it was for her!

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