Wednesday, September 28, 2011

paint + stitching + composition books = grungy journals

Grungy Journals 017

So, at "back to school" time I found these composition notebooks. You know...the black and white ones that we used to use in school? I guess they do still use them, but now you can find them in all sorts of colors and styles. But, I went for the cheap ones. Yes, the 40 cent/each ones!

I wanted to jazz them up so I coated the front and back covers in gesso, then put many layers of acrylic, and topped it off with some wild free-motion stitching and vintage lace! Here they are!

Grungy Journals 011

Grungy Journals 012

Grungy Journals 009

Grungy Journals 010

Grungy Journals 006

Grungy Journals 007

Grungy Journals 001

Grungy Journals 003

I think I may have these for sale at the craft show I'm preparing for in November! I think they're fun and turn a plain notebook into prettiness! More details on the craft show soon!

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Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

Much more fun than plain black and white. I remember using highlighters (scribble hard and smear with tissues!) to create rainbow and tie-dye effects on my comp books in school. Did you just use a plain sewing needle on your machine, or something else to get through the thick layers?