Friday, December 9, 2011

tropical waters and a soap review

Tropical Waters Soap

Check out this new soap! Love the scent. I'm calling it tropical waters! I think you'll love it too!

Tropical Waters Soap

Recently, I asked our friend Clay to review a bar of soap that I had given he and his wife. I thought I'd share with you his feedback.


So I have been using the soap and like it so far. You gave us the soap with the poppy seed in it and it smells kinda sweet. It is a feminine smelling soap.

I like your soap as it does not leave a residue behind like Dove for instance.

It seems to be lasting a long time and has held together well.

I did have one minor thing I would change. That is to make the soap smaller so they fit in the hand better. This may not be applicable to most people because they may use a loofa. I would like to try the round soap because I bet that soap fits in the hand nicely.

Overall, I would recommend your soap to anybody looking for soap, which is pretty much everybody.


So, when you ask for feedback you have to be ready to take what's given...good and bad. I do appreciate all feedback. That's what will ultimately make me a better soapmaker!

As a result of Clay's feedback about the size of the bar, Dynamo helped me to make the bars shorter and fatter. Dynamo had shared the same feelings about needing a smaller bar, so the new size should be a hit! Clay, I think you'll like the new sized bar!

Tropical Waters Soap

I'm not sure you can tell much in this picture of my hand, but the bar is definitely sized to better fit your hand.

We test the bars before selling them; however, we tend to use the broken pieces or the end cuts that aren't as pretty. Often they are smaller or odd-shaped. In addition, I use a wash rag so I'm not trying to hold onto the bar like those who don't use rags have to.

Tropical Waters Soap

I love the design of this new bar. Look at the top...doesn't it remind you of waves?

I'm grateful for all input. If you have thoughts, please share!

And...don't forget we'll be at the Petersburg Farmers' Market on Saturday, December 17, with our soaps!

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FarmgirlDeb said...

Love the way the new soap looks!