Thursday, March 8, 2012

Art and healing

I have found that it is therapeutic for me to draw and paint as well as journal through this time. I have taken some time to reflect. It makes me smile to remember the good times we shared with Lexi.

There are many people we'd like to thank that supported us through this time, so I thought some personal watercolor notecards would be in order. I'm not a good artist, but I tried my best to capture Lexi in special ways.

The last night Lexi was in the hospital it snowed. She watched the snow from inside the door at the VRCC. It was nighttime and cold. I wanted to remember that forever.



And...this one has a little snow, but it's hard to see here...


And...This one reminds me of the birdies she loved to watch. One time when she was younger we caught her in the backyard "playing" with a little bird. She had caught it and was "visiting" with it. She really didn't know what she was doing with it. We had to laugh because she looked stunned that she actually got a hold of it.


And...this last one is a special card for my Daddy. She loved to ride in his red truck. She knew him the minute he pulled up. Even if we were just hanging out at the farm cutting flowers or flying planes, she just wanted to sit inside the truck and sleep. I guess she always wanted to be sure that we didn't leave without her.


I'll share some more as I finish them.