Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello World!

Charlie 8 weeks (92)

My name is Charlie Chieppa! It's so nice to meet you all! I'm an 8 week old Boston Terrier! I'm a good boy too! I weigh 4.05 pounds and am all love and fur!

Charlie 8 weeks (3)

The first time I met my Momma was on Monday at my final vet checkup!

Here I am getting checked out. Dr. Heather was really nice! Did you know she's a dog chiropractor too?

Charlie 8 weeks

It was quite a zoo that day. There were 10 of us Boston Terrier puppies running all around the vet's exam room. We were pooping and peeing everywhere. Not me, though, because my Mom and Grandpa were there holding me and loving me. I knew they were right for me. It was love at first sight. My momma even cried when she held me.

Charlie 8 weeks (1)

Later on Tuesday night my Daddy and Mommy came to pick me up in Newport News. We were enjoying the beautiful evening when they pulled up. Right away I spotted them. I knew they were coming to take me to my furever home!

Here I was with my Daddy for the first time...

Charlie 8 weeks (12)

I gave him love right away!

Charlie 8 weeks (10)

Charlie 8 weeks (18)

It sure was a lot of us living together...

Charlie 8 weeks (6)

We had so much fun rolling around on one another...

Charlie 8 weeks (14)

We spent the evening playing and visiting with my biological parents, Friday...

Charlie 8 weeks (25)

Notice that she has a Haggerty spot like me on her head?

and Matt...

Charlie 8 weeks (35)

Dad's getting a little work done by Dr. Heather so that's why he's not in profile position.

Did I mention that my furdad won Westminster? Yep...pretty cool! Read about it here.

All my aunts, uncles, and siblings were showing off. It was a pretty neat place with all my people. Everyone looked like me....all black and white...and all smiles...

Charlie 8 weeks (34)

I can't wait to get my Boston smile...

Charlie 8 weeks (33)

After a quick bath in the sink, my first/temporary human mom, Adrienne, said goodbye and sent me with my furever parents.

Charlie 8 weeks (38)

I had to drink the water first. It was yummy!

Charlie 8 weeks (37)

Adrienne had tears in her eyes as she said good-bye, but I know she knew I was ok. She gave me a great start and said I could come visit anytime. I was very happy. I won't miss the puppy pile as they call it, because I like being an only child. Even though it was warm it was a little crowded...

Charlie 8 weeks (39)

On the way home we stopped to visit with my Grandpa and B.B. We loved up on each other and took a potty stop.

We got home pretty late on Monday night. But, I had to check out my new home. I could tell right away that my new furever parents loved dogs. There were toys and chews everywhere.

Charlie 8 weeks (40)

I found a new favorite tug toy...

Charlie 8 weeks (52)

I move so fast my Momma can't get a clear picture. I loved playing with my Daddy on the floor. He lets me climb all over him...

Charlie 8 weeks (46)

Charlie 8 weeks (41)

Charlie 8 weeks (57)

Charlie 8 weeks (66)

After I played I crashed...

Charlie 8 weeks (59)

And, two big bowls...

Charlie 8 weeks (62)

I could get both paws in. I just have to relax and understand that I don't have to fight for my food anymore. Silly me!

Charlie 8 weeks (63)

They did get me smaller bowls, which helps a little!

My Grandpa spent lots of time with me my first day. We played in the yard and on the patio lots. I was sound asleep on the patio when my Momma pulled up. I couldn't wait to give her lots of love and kisses.

And...when my Daddy got home I was fast asleep on my Momma's lap. We went and played outside and ran around like crazy. It was so much fun.

Charlie 8 weeks (77)

Charlie 8 weeks (67)

Charlie 8 weeks (82)

Charlie 8 weeks (80)

Charlie 8 weeks (90)

Charlie 8 weeks (79)

Dad scratched my belly...

Charlie 8 weeks (95)

They do have to watch me like a hawk because I like to chew on everything.

Charlie 8 weeks (87)

Charlie 8 weeks (88)

I really love my Dad...

Charlie 8 weeks (97)

Charlie 8 weeks (98)

Check out my tongue!

Charlie 8 weeks (99)

Charlie 8 weeks (100)

Guess what? I saw my first lizard and first frog. Funny lookin' things!

My parents have lots of hardwood floors, so I tend to slip around a lot. I can't take the corners too fast or I loose my balance and I'm like a mop flying across the floor. It is kinda fun, though!

They gave me a little rug to sit on and play with all my toys. They sit next to me while I play and hold my bones so I can chew. That's a lot of help right now since I'm still figuring out how my parts work!

Charlie 8 weeks (109)

I even snuggled up on Momma's neck and took a nap. This is really the life. I'm so spoiled. I love being the only kid!

Charlie 8 weeks (107)

I am so happy to have found my Mom and Dad! They love me with all their hearts and let me tell you...I sure love them too! I give lots of moochies and huggies. I love to nap in my parents' arms. I know I'm safe with them and it's like we were meant to be together. Jeff, Rachel, and Charlie! We make a great team!! Somewhere inside me I just knew they needed me with them right now. Not just Mom and Dad, but Grandpa and B.B. too!

Charlie 8 weeks (81)

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Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

So stinkin' adorable! And so tiny! It's hard to remember when they're grown that they were so little once. Glad you're getting lots of pictures.

And all those black and white dogs running around in one place would make me dizzy! :)