Monday, November 19, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Lovely Ladies Ride

My friend, Elise, put together some ladies for an all ladies beginner ride and we met at Poco yesterday for a spin!

Here we are minus 1 lady!

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0017

Mariooooochhheee and Dynamo joined us!

mountain biking 015

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0020

We met up and started out riding the fireroad. We cut in on the blue trail!

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0013

After a quick whirl through there, everyone was doing so well we decided to tackle the green trail!

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0011

mountain biking 002

Everyone was having a great time! There were smiles!

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0006

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0004

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0007

My friend, Missy, was there to help with instruction.

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0008

All was fine and good until I almost rode over a black snake!

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0002

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0003

It was cold enough that I thought we wouldn't have to worry, but I was wrong!

mountain biking 006

He was so stunned as was I that neither of us knew what to do! His head was right next to my foot as I slowly rode by. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him!

So, the only thing to do after taking pics was to encourage him away from the trail. I tried to do this with a stick.

mountain biking 007

He was only interested in going his way. Not mine!

mountain biking 008

Elise did a good job of snapping pics huh? At least he was easily visible in the brown leaves and rather slow because of the cold weather!

We continued on and finished up our ride with smiling faces! 

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0001

mountain biking 016

We really had a wonderful time and enjoyed the company. I hope all the ladies will come back again.

Poco Ladies Ride Nov 18. 2012_0019

If there's anyone that wants to join in, come on! The more the merrier! I make no promises, but we will have a great time and get some exercise!

mountain biking 017

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and great attitudes! It was great fun!

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