Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - The Poco Red

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0024

On Saturday afternoon Dynamo and I hit the trails at Poco. We were on a mission to lay out a route for an upcoming ladies ride next Sunday, November 18!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0022

If anyone is interested in joining us, you're welcome to do so. Send me a message and I'll get you the details! It is a beginner ladies ride!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0021

After we mapped out our route, we ventured over to the red trail at Poco. I've only ridden that trail one other time, so we decided to check it out again!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0013

I'm glad we did! There were a few good climbs, some rocks, and a skinny log!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0014

Dynamo was checking it out!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0019

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0020

Maybe one day I'll be balanced enough to ride them! For now, they are way too intimidating to me!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0011

There were lots of logs and whoop-de-dos on the trail! It was fun watching Dynamo go up and down the whoop-de-dos! I did a couple, but some were WAY TOO BIG!!!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0009

We took it easy and enjoyed the time together! See, I'm smiling!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0008

The weather was gorgeous!

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0006

There were lots of people out at the park.

Poco Ride Nov 10, 2012_0004

I wasn't able to accomplish all of the obstacles, but I was pretty proud of myself for conquering the climbs, some rocks, and some logs! I've been riding a little over 3 years and thanks to Dynamo have improved significantly!

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