Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mutt Strutt 2012

Here we are! The whole Boston Terrier Group! We participated in Fetch-a-Cure's Mutt Strut on Sunday at Deep Run Park!

Mutt Strut 2012_0015

Before we walked we checked out the vendors set up there! Check out this therapy dog!

Mutt Strut 2012_0008

Charlie got to say hello to all the doggies!

Mutt Strut 2012_0007

He loved on them all!

Mutt Strut 2012_0009

All he wanted to do was play!

Mutt Strut 2012_0016

Mutt Strut 2012_0004

Dogs of all sizes!

Mutt Strut 2012_0005

And, off we went!

Mutt Strut 2012_0017

He was ready to do the loop...just couldn't wait to catch up to the others! Here's Charlie and his new friend, Sparkle!

Mutt Strut 2012_0020

And, Charlie and Luna(tic)...

Mutt Strut 2012_0021

He just kept trying to play, but she was playing hard to get!

Mutt Strut 2012_0022

At the end of the walk we kept walking more with Luna and her Dad, Richard. When it was time to go, Charlie wasn't interested. He just rolled over in the parking lot!

Mutt Strut 2012_0023

The day was gorgeous for this great event. Check out Fetch here!

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