Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ruffwear 5K Mud Run at Riverrock!

Riverrock2013 191

Friday was a big day for Charlie! He was registered to compete in his first official race with his human, Dynamo! So, we picked up Dad and Mom and headed to Richmond for the Riverrock Festival and Ruffwear Filthy 5K Mud Run!


Charlie was excited and ready to run!


He had rested all day to be ready for the 3.1 mile off-road run with his buddy Brendan and her human, Elise! We got there and he could hardly wait!

Riverrock2013 132

The Riverrock is a three day festival downtown on Brown's Island! They have all sorts of outdoor events going on throughout the weekend!

Including this guy walking on this...

Riverrock2013 136

Across the canal!

Riverrock2013 138

Wow! Those slackline skills are awesome!

And, here are my parents with the racers!

Riverrock2013 141

And, here's Charlie's running buddy, Brendan, her human, Elise, and our other friend, Rachel!

Riverrock2013 145

Brendan was doing her warmup! Elise would yell, "Squirrel!" and Brendan would start barking up the tree literally!

Riverrock2013 151

Riverrock2013 156

Silly girl!

Riverrock2013 155

And, Charlie's warmup...


The racers lined up and the crowd got in place!

Here's Marioooochheee acting goofy with Rach!

Riverrock2013 163

The cheering section...

Riverrock2013 160

Then, they were off. Here's the first wave of dogs and their humans!

Riverrock2013 166

See Dynamo and Elise...

Riverrock2013 182

Riverrock2013 185

See Elise and Brendan...

Riverrock2013 187

After they set out on their 3.1 mile journey, we walked over to the finish line to find a place at the mudpit!

We watched all sorts of crazy dressed people and their animals come through the mud!

Riverrock2013 203

Everyone was having such a great time!

Riverrock2013 210

Then, it was time...in the distance...there's Dynamo...

Riverrock2013 220

The first sign of Charlie coming out of the mud pulling Dynamo!

Riverrock2013 226

There they are...

Riverrock2013 228

Ta Da... Charlie trying to give his dad a mooch!

Riverrock2013 229

Finally, a chance for the little man to get dirty on purpose!

Riverrock2013 230

Look at that leap out of the pit!

Riverrock2013 231

Riverrock2013 232

And, then came Elise and Brendan!

Riverrock2013 233

Clearly the dogs are super excited!

Riverrock2013 234

Stopping to check out things...

Riverrock2013 235

Riverrock2013 236

And, there's the smile...

Riverrock2013 237

Sooooo proud of them!

Riverrock2013 241

Great job!

Riverrock2013 246

They had such a good time! Dynamo said that Charlie even swam for the first time during the race! Apparently, Brendan had to be carried! What a good mom, Elise.Look at that smile!


A couple of family pics!


Riverrock2013 252

Here's Mariooochhee with his girls!

Riverrock2013 260

And, Dynamo and Charlie rehydrating after the race...

Riverrock2013 263

Dirty boy!

Riverrock2013 265

Riverrock2013 269

Elise and her dirty girl!

Riverrock2013 273

Riverrock2013 281

Rachel decided she'd keep her distance from the muddy people!

Riverrock2013 280

We visited and watched a few more come across the line!

Riverrock2013 286

Riverrock2013 290

The kids got their rewards...a bully stick!

Riverrock2013 295

Riverrock2013 300

Did a little mooching!

Riverrock2013 306

Washed off...

Riverrock2013 316

Riverrock2013 322

And, donated shoes...

Riverrock2013 309

A great day with friends and family! Charlie loves RVA!


And, when we got home he got a really good bath!


Thanks so much, Elise and Brendan for a great time together!

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