Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Virginia This Morning Soap Demo

I am so honored to have been asked to be on CBS 6 Virginia This Morning! It was a very fun experience to be in the newsroom and see how things work. Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I must be honest and say that I was extremely nervous. I spent lots of time preparing and practicing the recipe for my 4 minutes. Showing how to make soap in just 4 minutes is close to impossible, but through the magic of TV we came pretty close to a decent explanation. Normally the process can take over 2 hours, so this was a crash course!

I was so blessed to have Jeff with me! He took off to drive me up to the station and then helped me unload and setup. He kept me calm and encouraged me! He got to sit in the studio during the show and that was a huge comfort for me! I couldn't do this without him! We are such a great team! Thank you, handsome!

I hope you enjoy the clip! Again, I am so grateful for this opportunity! I am so blessed! And, thank you for your continued support of us and our business!

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Pink Chihuahua said...

Rachel - great job! You didn't look nervous at all, and you did a great job demonstrating the technique! I've done demonstrations at various craft trade shows that have been filmed, and I really understand the nerves that occur right before the filming. You looked calm and collected. I just wish the spot had been a little longer! I didn't scroll down on the station website under the clip - did they give you a plug for your business at the market?