Thursday, January 23, 2014

A battlefield hike...

Last Friday we were off for the holiday, so while Dynamo did a little biking Charlie and I hit the trails at the Battlefield!

We explored a little more looking for photo opportunities! We discovered this old building used to store wood. And a really cool old red barn like building! I made Charlie pose because I loved the peeling red paint!

Let's just say he was very impatient! So much to see and check out that treats wouldn't even keep him still enough!

Then, we found this grave of a horse...

And continued on our exploratory hike!

Charlie enjoyed the grass and sunshine!

And then I made him pose for more pics! Notice he won't look at me...

We had a great time on our almost 4 mile hike! We even got to see Dynamo at one point!

We stopped to visit for a little bit and then off he went... Charlie kept trying to catch him!

I must admit...the Little Man is pretty tolerant. Even though it's a chore to get him to look at the camera now, he does at least stand still!!!

I can understand his excitement! So much to see and chase!

We had a lovely time!

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