Monday, January 27, 2014

Charlie's Birthday Celebration with Tumbleweed and Eddie's!

When Mom and I got home she was so excited about the box! All I kept thinking was "boxes are always coming here so what's the big deal?" Even Grandpa asked what the big deal was about the box! She made me pose with the box! Silly mom!

Well,when they finally opened the box I thought I smelled something yummy! And, again she made me pose!

All I kept thinking was "these things smell really tasty!" Then, finally she opened the bag and gave me a treat!

Of course they made me do tricks. I humored them because I knew it makes them smile and laugh and in the end I get lots of yummies!

Mom said these treats are homemade from a place called Tumbleweed and Eddie's! They're in Delaware, which I think is up north! I know she and Dad are really funny about what they feed me. Apparently the chick that lived here before me was allergic to everything, so they like to keep my diet simple. They want me to eat all healthy and such. They talk about natural and organic and all those buzz words. I just hang out and cock my head in agreement. Well, my parents said that Ms. Lisa and Mr. Jonathan hand make every batch of these natural dog treats to order! They said you can even pronounce all of the ingredients. I think that means a lot to them! I go with it! And, they talk about buying local and supporting small business. I am not sure what that means, but it sounds really important!

Mom and Dad talk about how important it is to feed me the good stuff to keep my skin and coat healthy along with the rest of me. I appreciate that. And, I love trying new treats! Ms. Lisa's treats are nice little bone shaped treats! And, really yummy!! She apparently makes all kinds of different treats! So, hopefully Mom and Dad will order me more! Yum! I must admit that I really do feel better when I eat the "good for you" stuff! Don't tell mom though!

Oh, and did I mention that Friday was my birthday too! So, I got natural yummy dog treats from Tumbleweed and Eddie's and I got ice cream (doggie ice cream that is!). Mom and Dad again made me pose. I get so bored waiting that I couldn't hold back the yawn! Geez, they take lots of pictures! And, that silly hat they made me wear. Really?

So, thanks so much Ms. Lisa and Mr. Jonathan at Tumbleweed and Eddie's for my birthday treats! I'll tell my folks to be sure to order more!!

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