Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Days for the litle man!

There's nobody in our house that loves snow more than I do! I'm crazy about that white stuff!

The minute it starts snowing I'm ringing the bell on the door to head outside and play frisbee or catch the snow in my mouth! It's so much fun!

I go wild!! Mom and Dad only let me play for short amounts of time. Something about me getting cold and all! Really? I can handle it!

I'm tough! No sweater for this boy!

Mom and Dad toss the snow in the air and I catch it! Just like I do with the water in the summertime!

I really wear my parents out when there's snow! All I want to do is play! It's more fun catching the frisbee in the snow you know?!

These pics are cool that mom took of me! What do you think?

And, my parents tell me more snow is on the way!! Yay!!!

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