Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Florida Trip

Last Tuesday Mom, Dad, and Charlie dropped us off at the airport for a quick trip to Florida to visit Dynamo's family!

Florida May 2014

Dynamo's parents live in the Bradenton/Sarasota area of Florida! It's really a lovely place with lots of exciting things to see and do! The first task on the list was to hit the beach at The Point on Anna Maria Island!

Florida May 2014

The weather was hot, but it's always a nice little breeze on the beach! Just enough to make it comfortable to hunt shells!

Florida May 2014

This time I had to be selective though! There's only so many we can haul back on the plane! Of course I had to snap a few family pics when we first got there!

Florida May 2014 (3)

Here's Dynamo with his folks!

Florida May 2014 (10)

Here's his beautiful mom!

Florida May 2014 (11)

They've been married a really long time! Such an inspiration!

Florida May 2014 (18)

And here we are! Mr. C did a good job snapping this pic! It's nice to have a real pic versus a selfie!

Florida May 2014 (15)

The beaches are beautiful there! The Gulf is so clear and warm!

Florida May 2014 (13)

Not many shells this time though! Just sea creatures missing their shell! Anyone know what this is? I think it's a conch without his conch shell! We threw him back in hoping he could find his shell!

Florida May 2014 (22)

The next day we decided to head to Venice. We had always heard about all of the shark's teeth you could find there!

Florida May 2014

We headed to Caspersen Beach after a lunch in town! It was a little rocky and had some dark sand. The water was a little rougher, but people were busy looking for treasures with their sand sifters! That's one tool we need to get!

Florida May 2014

Florida May 2014 (23)

We found a few teeth...

Florida May 2014

Not bad for just looking through the shells that had washed up!

Florida May 2014 (25)

While visiting we also hit Lido Beach, which is near St. Armand's Circle.

Florida May 2014 (35)

Florida May 2014 (32)

Each beach is a little different, but they are all gorgeous!

Florida May 2014 (31)

Not many finds there either!

Our last day there we hit the Sarasota Farmers Market!

Florida May 2014

It was bustling with people as usual!


Florida May 2014 (39)


Florida May 2014 (40)


Florida May 2014 (42)


Florida May 2014 (41)

If you ask me if I bought soap, the answer is yes! Always! Support all local handmade!

Wall to wall people enjoying the warm sunshine!

Florida May 2014 (43)

Of course when I saw this bumper sticker in the parking lot I had to snap a pic! 3 feet please, people!

Florida May 2014 (38)

After the market we relaxed a little before hitting the beach at The Point one last time!

Florida May 2014

These little birds were neat!

Florida May 2014

Dynamo ventured way out into the water (it was low low tide) and he found a starfish!

Florida May 2014

Yes, we threw it back!

The water was warm, over 80 degrees! It was a lovely week for the beach!

Florida May 2014

Before we left we did get to meet up with Dynamo's brother, Michael, for dinner!

Florida May 2014

It's always so nice to see family!

Florida May 2014

What a great trip! We enjoyed our time with Dynamo's parents! We hadn't seen them since our Thanksgiving trip so it was great to get a few days to visit!

Florida May 2014

When we got back into Richmond, my parents and Charlie were there waiting with some of our most favorite donuts ever!!!

Florida May 2014

Now it's back to soap making, yard work, and life! Hope your Memorial Day holiday was great! It is a time to stop and be grateful to those men, women, (and dogs too) who have served our country!

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