Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Bubble Boy

So, mom and dad showed me something new the other day!

CharlieBubbles5 (5)


CharlieBubbles5 (6)

And, I was AMAZED....

CharlieBubbles5 (3)

You know how much I love to chase things! I chase snow flakes, butterflies, frogs, bees, etc. Well, this was sooooo cool!! Check out my skills!

CharlieBubbles5 (18)

Wait for it...

CharlieBubbles5 (17)

Come on dad...

CharlieBubbles5 (20)

CharlieBubbles5 (25)

I'm a master bubble chaser...

CharlieBubbles5 (28)

Yup...sure am...

CharlieBubbles5 (36)

These are some skills I tell ya...

CharlieBubbles5 (37)

Nothin' but net!

CharlieBubbles5 (42)

A little pool break and back for more...

CharlieBubbles5 (45)

I got it...

CharlieBubbles5 (62)

Don't mess with me bubbles!

CharlieBubbles5 (71)

I'll get you my pretty!

CharlieBubbles5 (83)


CharlieBubbles5 (84)


CharlieBubbles5 (93)

CharlieBubbles5 (97)

I had a ball!!

CharlieBubbles5 (98)

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