Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Riverrock Fun

RiverrockRVA 2014

On Saturday we headed down to the Riverrock Festival in downtown Richmond on Brown's Island. We went to watch our friend Marioochee run the 10k trail run, watch some fun outdoor events, and visit with our friends!

RiverrockRVA 2014

It was a glorious weekend to be outside!

RiverrockRVA2014 (58)

We got lots of love from little Boy B!!

RiverrockRVA 2014

RiverrockRVA 2014

I could just eat these cheeks up!

RiverrockRVA2014 (38)

Dynamo is a natural!

RiverrockRVA2014 (20)

And, Charlie got to give him some lovin' too after he asked permission of course!

RiverrockRVA2014 (54)

B liked Charlie's smoochies (Mom I know you're having a fit over this!)!!

RiverrockRVA2014 (53)

Here's B's parents before the 10K!

RiverrockRVA2014 (18)

And, here's their other friend, S, crossing the finish...

Riverrock2014 (23)

And, here are the boys posing...

Riverrock2014 (17)

We stopped for a bit to feed little B...

Riverrock2014 (9)

There was so much going on from the air dog competition to paddleboarding to kayaking to bouldering! WOW! So much fun!

RiverrockRVA2014 (2)

The river was raging...

Riverrock2014 (4)

Charlie made lots of new friends including this great big 6 month old girl! She wanted to play! So, they played as a crowd formed around in amazement that the big dog and small dog were getting along!

RiverrockRVA2014 (64)

RiverrockRVA2014 (72)

Charlie even got love from lots of random strangers!

RiverrockRVA2014 (42)

He never turns down lovin' especially from his kinfolks!

Riverrock2014 (6)

It was a great day to walk around and enjoy the activities and all Richmond has to offer! And, it was especially nice to be able to bring Charlie!

RiverrockRVA2014 (10)

RiverrockRVA2014 (7)

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