Thursday, July 29, 2010

first ride

This is me on my Spot Longboard. It was our first ride together yesterday.
I think I'm just going to call him "Spot" until I ride him for a while and find a name that suits him.

Dynamo took these pics yesterday on the trail. Here I am coming down a hill...
And, here I am riding into the distance. Notice all of the big rocks. They are pretty cool looking.
Here I am going over a log (a little blurry).
Last trail pic.
And, when we got back to the parking lot a groundhog was chowing down on the grass outside the nature center. I snuck up slowly and hid behind the tree to snap some photos.
The ride was good. It felt good. We did a little over 6 miles. It's going to take a few rides to get Spot tweaked right, but the belt drive was pretty cool. It was quick to engage. The big 29 inch tires were awesome. I didn't even think about the roots on the trail because I knew I could go right over them. More to report after the weekend.


Jamie said...

The pink shirt makes you easy to find in the woods! :) Those tires really do look bigger! I had no idea there was so much involved in riding a bike.

Jim Rosen said...

I saw your post about the new bike when we were in Vermont but could not comment on my Blackberry. I was surprised at a single speed 29er. WoW! I hope you like it. We saw a guy with a 29er on the trails in Vermont. He said the same thing that you did, that the roots are nothing with that kind of bike. What about the hills? I can't imagine doing long steep climbs without my granny gear. It is great to get new gear! You must be excited! Can't wait to ride with you all again.